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Website Statistics – Traffic Monitoring

Visitor Analysis Tools

Analyze What Your Online Visitors Are Doing

Whether you want to perform effective search engine optimization, a usability test, a website redesign or start an e-marketing offensive: you need to know your audience, and what they are doing.

If you don’t know where you are going…

…any road will take you there!

Hit Counter vs. Logfile Analyzer

Hit counters are very popular. But guess what? Log file analysis, or an Internet tracking tool, is much more valuable than just counting hits or visitors.

Hit counters do just what the name implies: count your page hits. Possibly the number of website visitors.An Internet tracking tool can bring you much more in-depth information, like the referral data. But often only within a fixed format.

A logfile analyzer allows you to truly analyze your visitors, based on the parameters that you set. Find out where your visitors entered your website, from which web page they left your site, what search engine they came from, what keywords or keyword phrases they used. You can even segment the different types of visitors, like “organic search” versus “paid search”. Or: the behaviour of  “people that end up contacting us” (conversion). And much more.

Searching through this detailed website visitors information will provide you with the tools to improve web site usability and develop effective website design and content positioning strategies.

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