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Affordable Effective Web Designs

Many web designers know how to create a pretty picture – but will they make an effective website? Do they realize the impact certain design decisions have? Are they marketing savvy? Can they create an intuitive navigation schedule?

Let’s face it: not all designers know enough about web usability guidelines and search engine optimization.

Here at U-C WEBS we are specialized in creating affordable websites for small business. Whether you need a small static website, or a full fledged Content Management System (CMS) to be able to update your website yourself: we can help you.

Small Business Web Design Company

We have helped many small businesses with their first or updated online presence. Their clients and customers love the clarity of the designs, eye-pleasing graphic designs of their business cards and the fact that their sites are easy to find in the search engines.

Let U-C WEBS help you with:

  • Static website development
  • A website with a Content Management System
  • Graphic design (logo, business card, ads)
  • Website hosting
  • Website promotion in the search engines
  • and more…

Affordable Web Designs

According to research U-C WEBS did, many late adopters of the Internet technologies think that web design is still a very costly adventure. With a minimum price tag of $ 10,000? Our web design packages start at $ 90. And yes, this includes free feedback from a usability expert!

We offer effective and targeted web sites for any budget –  for any industry; whether it is the financial sector, health care, real estate, or nonprofit.

Already Have A Web Designer?

All website design companies will say they have Quality Assurance procedures. But then why are there so many frustrating sites out there?

Many final designs are checked by their designers, not an knowledgeable unbiased third-party. Designers are sometimes more concerned about how the site looks than whether it is visitor and search engine friendly. You do not want to create new usability challenges in the redesign process, do you? (one-step-forward, two-steps-back) Add a usability expert to the redesign; U-C WEBS can help designers creating a more user-centered end design.

By making sure your site is Easy to Find + Easy to Use ™ you will increase the number of qualified web site visitors, who will do what you want them to do: buy your product, sign up for your newsletter, or contact you.

Affordable Website Maintenance

For the implementation of our search engine marketing or web usability recommendations we assume that you work with your own web designers. But you might also consider retaining U-C WEBS to do these implementations for you.

Contact us for more information or a custom quote.