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Economical and Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not just search engine submissions

Search Engine Optimization is more than just submissions to global search engines. Search engine submissions are only a final stage of a process that starts with careful analysis. Without this careful groundwork you might target the wrong key phrases, or the wrong audience.

Search Engine Optimization Services

U-C WEBS can make your site more visible for your target audience – the people that are actually looking for the products or services you provide. We can:

  • analyze your organization, your competitors and your market;
  • research the effectiveness of the key phrases you think will work for your target audience;
  • suggest key phrases to use on specific pages in order to make them rank high on search engines and directories.

Those recommendations can be implemented by your web designer, or we can implement them for you.

  • After those changes have been implemented on your site we will look after submission to global search engines;
  • We can also submit and track search engine submissions to for instance German, Dutch or French search engines and directories. Contact us about localized search engine submissions.

Have you searched for your organization, products or services in Yahoo? Or Google? And, were you pleased with the results? Keep in mind that most people don’t look past the first 30 search results. Some people don’t even go past the first 10 positions.

! Make sure you stay on top of your rankings with our maintenance program.

Good search engine ranking is not enough…

  • An ineffective description might be sabotaging your good rankings: you don’t receive the traffic you deserve;
  • Your site may be confusing and frustrating your visitors. They will leave before they do what you want them to do:
    • contact you
    • buy your products/services
    • sign up for your newsletter

In order to have an effective web site it needs to be Easy to Find + Easy to Use ™.

You need:

  • Good search engine ranking;
  • An appealing description to increase click-throughs;
  • User-friendly pages with effortless navigation to reduce bounce rates;
  • Copy that calls to action to improve conversions;
  • Visitor analysis allowing you to continue optimizing your site.

Read more about our web site optimization and Internet tracking tool.

U-C WEBS offers user-centered search engine optimization. Contact us for more information or a custom quote.