Google takes a lot into consideration when determining which businesses will make it into the 3-Pack. A business’ Google My Business (GMB) listing is one factor that Google will weigh heavily. GMB is a huge databases of businesses and it’s mainly from here that Google will choose businesses from. Due to this, it’s not only important to have a GMB listing, it’s just as important to make sure it’s fully optimized for Google.

The first thing to do when filling out the listing information is to ensure that all fields are complete. Many business owners skip over certain information because they think it’s not relevant to them, or it’s not important. This isn’t true, though. All of the information in a GMB listing is important. Failing to include it will turn customers away, and get your listing penalized by Google by not making it into the 3-Pack.

Google My Business 3-pack

After you’ve filled in the basic information, Google will then want to verify the business. This is typically done by postcard, although some businesses are eligible to do it by phone. In other instances, if you have a Gmail account and the Google Search Console, your business will be automatically verified. This means you can start optimizing your listing right away.

The most important thing about creating a GMB listing is that it’s complete. Google will list businesses at the top of the 3-Pack when they have lots of reviews, posts, and the business owner has filled in as much as possible. When only the minimum requirements have been met in a listing, Google will not place them in the 3-Pack, which could result in a loss of customers for the business. Don’t think that certain information isn’t important. In the eyes of Google, and the eyes of your customers, all information is important information.

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