I have mentioned in this column before how important online reviews are for your reputation and branding. Potential customers will take a look at reviews when trying to decide whether or not to do business with you – they can make or break the marketing of your products and services.

Reviews and testimonials can bring a lot of credibility to your business, which ultimately results in higher conversions and more revenue. So flaunt the ones you got!

Here are four places you can show them off for maximum exposure:

Social Media
Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are go-to places for many people when they are looking for advice on what to buy, and where. By adding reviews and testimonials to your time line and “About” tab you are adding a lot of verifiable credibility to your social media profiles.

Your Marketing Materials
Whether you are giving away free e-books or reports to get opt-ins for your email list, or only using printed marketing materials: these forms of advertising and promotion are the perfect place to show off a few of your testimonials and glowing reviews. They will make your prospects all the more susceptible to your marketing messages.

Your Website
Displaying customer reviews on your actual website will help you close the deal faster. Collect them on a dedicated testimonials page, or sprinkle them throughout your website. This will show your website visitors that you are the one they should trust their hard-earned money with.

Your Place Of Business
It’s a great way to show existing customers that they’ve made the right choice, and it can go a long way in customer retention and referrals. And once you have their attention you can ask people to provide you with new reviews, join a contest, or to opt into a newsletter.

Reviews and testimonials themselves are very important. But the real value comes from people seeing them – so put some effort into making sure people can actually find these mini-commercials. Doing that will shine a positive light on your business, increase conversions, and help you generate more sales.

Nardo Kuitert

Nardo Kuitert

Digital Marketing Consultant

As a Digital marketing Consultant Nardo is helping businesses making more of their online presence by optimizing their trust factors for better conversions.

He wrote the On The Web column on behalf of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce from 2006-2016.

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