Website Optimizer

U-C WEBS is an international Internet consultancy based in Ontario, Canada – about an hour from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Focusing on Internet effectiveness we offer affordable web design, search engine marketing, reputation marketing, website usability evaluations, and more.

Our Philosophy

Websites can be so much better at attracting visitors and converting visitors into customers, by following a Holistic Marketing Approach. Website visitors from advertising or high search engine rankings won’t convert into clients if your organization has a poor reputation and your website lacks stickiness, authority and user-friendliness: “Bad usability equals no customers” (Jakob Nielsen).

We Are Experts

Many designers lack business and marketing skills. U-C WEBS has much experience working with company executives on business and (online) marketing projects. Our combined strength creates synergies: an outcome greater than the sum of its parts.

We can add a web usability consultant or web marketing specialist to your own website development team, or you can trust U-C WEBS and its associated professionals to take control of the whole project for you. Our involvement can be that of project member, project manager or “devil’s advocate”: improving your website development project with our constructive criticism and effective website design and content positioning strategies.

Writers won’t publish their work unless an editor has made significant improvements. You need an educated second opinion to improve your online marketing’s effectiveness. Or maybe you need to free up time and let us execute most of it – so you can do what you do best: running your business.

Want To Get Started?

Do you want to attract more Internet traffic, and turn more visitors into customers? Contact us today, or request your free online marketing evaluation.