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Social Media has become just as integral to modern day life as the Internet itself and is something that business owners, both big and small, simply cannot afford to ignore.

Just as consumers expect a business to have a website of their own, they also expect a business to have a social media presence.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by social media, as some small business owners do, believing they don’t have the time for it, you should see social media for the many advantages it can bring. Social media allows you to:

  • connect with prospects and customers where they are on a regular basis
  • build relationships with your target audience so they come to know you, like you and trust you, and ultimately buy from you
  • engage with your prospects and customers on a level you are not normally able to do so
  • react almost instantly to questions, enquiries and issues raised by your target audience
  • respond in real time, in a real way, as it’s available 24/7
  • manage your online reputation
  • and more!

Just Posting, or Social Media Marketing?

As a minimum you should be posting regularly on your social media – so prospects know you are still in business. But with many social media favouring content that is being engaged with a lot (likes, shares, comments), you should aim for something more than just posting – or your posts won’t be doing any promotion for your business. If your posts aren’t liked, shared and/or commented upon, they won’t appear in their timelines.

That’s why we also offer more elaborate social media campaigns, which may include interacting with your social audience on your behalf and paid advertising to grow your influence.

Hire Us?

A lot of Facebook accounts were started up, maybe by an enthusiastic friend or family member, and then ignored. when was your last update – more than 3 months ago? More than a year? Three years?

Let us help you by taking over your social media marketing. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.