FAQs on Web Usability Evaluations and

User Interface Testing

In this section we will provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about website usability evaluations and web user interface usability testing. They are separated per Internet optimization service that U-C WEBS offers.

  1. What is web usability?
  2. Why are usability evaluations important?
  3. Is an evaluation expensive?
  4. When should I look into usability optimization?
  5. What can U-C WEBS do for me?
  6. What services do you offer?
  7. Are usability tests just for web sites?
  8. How long will a usability analysis project take?
  9. I would like someone to bounce some Internet related ideas off. Some plans we have, some concerns maybe…

What is web usability?

Web usability is about increasing visitor conversion by optimizing the user experience. Ease of use. IBM calls it “simplicity”. It’s all about effective website strategies. U-C WEBS usually performs heuristic website evaluations (expert reviews) to eliminate obstacles that may be chasing away your visitors, and inadvertently damaging your search engine rankings.

This web page evaluation or critical path analysis can be complemented with a competitive analysis: how does your site compare to those of your competitors? We gauge your site against a checklist of generally accepted usability guidelines for website development. We look at things like effective website navigation, consistency, content and error minimization.

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Why are usability evaluations important?

Your visitors want to find what they are looking for fast and easily. If not, they’re gone. Off to your competitor’s site. If you offer visitors a good user experience with a usable site, then they will likely also feel good about your organization. It conveys trust and professionalism, and will strengthen your brand. It allows smaller companies to play with the big guys in a worldwide marketplace.

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Is an evaluation expensive?

It is expensive not to mind usability. You will lose sales and a lot of goodwill when your site is a confusing or frustrating environment. IBM is a strong advocate of usable designs, and quotes that as a rule of thumb every dollar spent in usability earns a return of $ 10 to $ 100. That is an astounding ROI. Usability issues need to be resolved sooner or later. So: if you start analyzing your site and its users now, you can reap the benefits tomorrow.

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When should I look into usability optimization?

It is never too late, or too early. You can test ideas while they are still on paper, you can pilot a draft design, or you can optimize an existing page or site through redesign. It is recommended that you continuously look at your website for improvement. Do you have effective website navigation? Are you sure you don’t have any broken links? Take a look at your visitor analysis software. You might have solicited some feedback from users that require a small redesign project…

Be generous to your users, and they will be generous to you!

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What can U-C WEBS do for me?

We are experienced in the evaluation of Internet marketing effectiveness, and are strong advocates for less frustration and more satisfaction on websites. We mind the details, and can put a finger on your blind spots. We look through the user’s eyes, and provide you with a report of web usability improvement recommendations. Your can decide with your website designer which changes to implement. You can also retain us and have one of our designers make the changes for you; we will then oversee the implementation to make sure that these adjustments don’t create new problems – for FREE.

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What services do you offer?

We can perform web usability site critiques, user interface usability testing, or more structural consulting services such as user profiling, task analysis, etc. U-C WEBS can review the accessibility of your website as well.

Web usability site critiques are heuristic website evaluations. We perform a website usability audit by running a checklist with usability guidelines and best practices. Your competition may be taken into account, as well as your search engine rankings. You can acquire our services before, during or after a design project. Find out more about our website usability services.

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Are usability tests just for web sites?

Certainly not. It is wise to consider good usability practices with online newsletters, Intranets, Extranets. All forms of communication where it is important to meet the user’s needs for maximum effectiveness. In this day and age the user has become more and more powerful, and increasingly impatient. The investment in hiring a web usability consultancy can be easily recouped. Website optimization has an astounding ROI. Improving the effectiveness of Intranets can e.g. seriously reduce your overheads.

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How long will a usability analysis project take?

Depending on the kind of project it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We know you still need to implement our recommendations before you can really boost visitor satisfaction, so we will do our utmost to provide you with our recommendations and telephone consulting as soon as we’re able. But please let us know if you require rush service.

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I would like someone to bounce some Internet related ideas off. Some plans we have, some concerns maybe…

We consider ourselves more an Internet coach than Internet consultant. We would love to listen to your thoughts and ideas, and look forward to present you with our reflections. We will not present you with a solution: we will facilitate the process in which you will be able to come up with the solutions yourself. And more! Who knows your business better than you do? We pride ourselves on being a catalyst for improvement. Contact us today!

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