friendly dogRandom acts of kindness are a wonderful way to reach out and touch the lives of others and make our world a better place.

Friday November 12, 2011 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Random Acts of Kindness Day is not about fundraising or giving money – just a day to celebrate simple things of kindness like buying someone a coffee, congratulating someone on a job well done, driving someone to an appointment, holding a door open or carrying someone’s groceries.

25,000 Random Act Of Kindness Day cards are available throughout Guelph and Wellington County, including the local libraries. The cards encourage the holder to perform a simple act of kindness for someone and then hand over the card so that person can “pay it forward”.

But even without a card, you can just perform ANY kind of random act of kindness – get creative!

Help making kindness a priority in (y)our community!