In my last column I wrote about why you should use Content Marketing. That by providing people with valuable articles, infographics, videos and so on, you are building trust with your target audience and establishing authority. And while many people agree with that in principle, they have not added Content Marketing to their toolbox. Why? Because they feel it is too hard, or too much work. “What am I supposed to write about?”, I hear you think. But it does not have to be that difficult – if you re-purpose existing pieces of content.

What if you could write one article (on your blog, for instance) as the source for several other pieces of content? This would allow you to multiply your results without creating a lot more work.

So what can you do with that one blog post? Well, you could turn it into a slideshow video, or an infographic. These can be shared on social media, posted onto your website. The infographic could be used as a postcard for Direct Mail purposes. The slides from your slideshow video can be used on LinkedIn’s You can use the slides as the basis for a webinar, Google hangout or a 5-10 part video series. You can promote the recording of your webinar on your website and in social media. Perhaps make people opt in before they can see it; then you can send them follow-up email messages.

And the topic for that base article? How about writing about 5 Frequently Asked Questions? Or “5 Things You Should Ask A [service provider]”. Perhaps “Top 5 Tips We Give Our Clients”.

It is not just about re-purposing the content; you can use your article, video or image as a seed for something new too. For instance by asking your website visitors for feedback on it (do you like it, did it help you?), or by adding a little survey. The results can be the starting point for a new article, or a press release. Perhaps some happy customers can be asked to feature one of the questions in an audio or video message.

By taking one central piece of information and re-purposing it for several audiences you can connect with people in different environments, where they will have different mindsets. This will help you build trust and awareness, resulting in higher traffic, better conversions and a great return on your investment.

[Published in The Wellington Advertiser, July 2016 for the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce]

Nardo Kuitert

Nardo Kuitert

Digital Marketing Consultant

As a Digital marketing Consultant Nardo is helping businesses making more of their online presence by optimizing their trust factors for better conversions.

He wrote the On The Web column on behalf of the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce from 2006-2016.

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